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Who We Are

Travel Lab is an emerging online and offline travel agency that proffers travel solutions to today’s businesses and leisure travellers. We cater to all people: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z, giving them the experiences they desire and deserve. As an IATA accredited travel agency, we are a one-stop travel laboratory which caters to all our guests’ travel needs at the tap of the keys. Our wide and international partnerships give us access to all airlines, hotels, cruises, limousines services, private jets and yachts.

Our Vision

To be preeminent in the travel industry

Our Mission

To provide a memorable travel experience at an affordable price based on clients' needs by collaborating with the right partners.

Our Values






A little about Travellab

TravelApp is a free and inspirational global travel search site comparing cheap flights, hotels and car rental deals. We give travellers an overview of available travel options without adding any extra fees. We compare and book domestic and international flights, hotels, cruises, travel insurance and tour packages with our partners at very competitive prices, bearing in mind that our guests’ comfort and convenience are of utmost priority.


We search and compare billions of prices on flights, hotels and limousines services so we can find the best travel deals that are AFFORDABLE and suit your budget. This is possible because we have the RIGHT PARTNERS who provide this limitless access.


Our turnaround time, using both our online or offline access, is less than a minute, making us a very responsive organisation and always on standby to help our guests, irrespective of their needs, location and time zone. We are a very RELIABLE entity with a QUALITY OF SERVICE that offers our guests with immense VALUE.


Our system runs on state-of-the-art technology that enables a seamless experience for all our guests, with SPEED and TRUST, and with no hidden charges.

Our Affiliations

Our over 10 years’ experience in VVIP Protocol has given us an advantage in the provision of concierge services. We have a 90% success rate with our VISA ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. Our network covers the major cities in Nigeria and we boast of several established partners in the UAE, UK, USA and CHINA.

Our News


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We think everybody should be able to travel the world. Our visionis of a world where our differences are a source of inspiration and development, not intolerance and prejudice. Our purpose is to give courage and encourage each one of us to stay curious.

Whenever I have an invite to travel whether local or international, the next thing I do is notify Travellab of my itinerary and that's it. They handle everything and even remind me till I return from the trip.

Edem Eniang Professor

Travellab experience is top notch and they are always available to ensure you get optimal value out of your trip through them.

Hanson Johnson CEO Start Innovation Hub

I still remember missing my international flight because of timezone differences and when Travellab followed up to confirm I am not in the flight, they got to talk to me and quickly got me on board another flight and I was able to still meet up with my appointment. You guys are the best at what you are doing.

Uduak Utip Ekong Journalist